Best Selling Toyota Car 2016 in USA and Price

Once your car wears out, surely you would want to buy new one, right? If you are in such occasion, we would recommend you to look for one from the best-selling ones. Of course, best-selling cars are the kinds that are considered by customers to be the worthy ones to buy. If they are not worthy at all, there would be no one who would buy them after all. So, here, let us tell you some kinds of best selling Toyota car 2016 in USA that should make worthy choices for you. Let’s see them all here then.

2016 Toyota Highlander

We would say that Highlander model has good combination of comfort, quality, space, and convenience in its design. From its cabin for example, you will get spacious enough space to sit and move inside. The driver will even be able to get wide view in the front. As for the features it brings with, there are Entune Multimedia system, 6.1-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth wireless phone, music streaming, USB port, 12V powerpoints, etc. This USA’s best-selling Toyota car sure is very well designed and featured to serve your needs.

2016 Toyota Sienna

When it comes to space, Sienna model should not be taken lightly. As one of USA’s best-selling 2016 Toyotas, this model comes to offer interior that is enough for seven to eight people to fit in. There is tip-and-slide feature in its seating system, making it easy to access the third-row bench. Sienna is also nice in its performance. With V6 engine paired with 6-speed automatic transmission, this car can accelerate as much as 266 horsepower. With that, you should be able to drive fast enough to go everywhere you want. Isn’t it nice car to consider?

2016 Toyota Camry

Of course, Camry model would include as one of the best selling Toyota car 2016 in America. This one we have here is known for being affordable in its kind. Appearing as 5-passenger family sedan, this car has somewhat youthful look on it, making it nice and modern to see. Did you know? It is even featured with high-tech features. In various trims of it, you should be able to encounter Qi wireless charging pad, panoramic moonroof, ventilated front seats, etc. Really, these are not something people can easily get in affordable cars.

2016 Toyota Corolla

It is Toyota cars we are talking about here. Surely, you would be able to find Corolla model in its best-selling list. Corolla has always been improved from year to year. For 2016 model, you get more features, like Entune Audio, USB iPod integration, etc. As compact car, this model is roomier than any other cars of its kind. Truly, it is worth to be called USA’s best-selling Toyotas 2016. Indeed, its performance is not as powerful as you think. However, this still makes one of the best choices for those who need it for enjoyable and comfy ride.

2016 Toyota RAV4

One of the things that are well liked in this model is that it is still capable of offering spacious interior despite having compact size. Surely, this is something that everyone always wants, right? It is not only that. This model also comes with sleek styling, making it get high rating on its reliability and resale value. It truly deserves the place of being the best selling Toyota car 2016 in America. You don’t have to worry. This car is also highly rated on its comfort and convenience as well, ensuring great driving experience with this Toyota model.

Best Selling Toyota Car 2016 in USA

NoCar2016 SalesNew Car PricesUsed Car Prices
12016 Toyota Highlander$36,151$38,255$37,911
22016 Toyota Sienna$31,233$32,580$27,990
32016 Toyota Camry$25,654$27,175$17,977
42016 Toyota Corolla$22,590$23,545$15,991
52016 Toyota RAV4$26,900$27,770$23,523
62016 Toyota Prius$29,785$30,865$23,500
72016 Toyota 4Runner$43,055$45,300$33,992
82016 Toyota Avalon$30,960$34,400$29,995
92016 Toyota Sequioa$62,069$66,175$42,888
102016 Toyota Tacoma$24,675$26,635$25,989

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