Best Selling Nissan Car 2016 in USA and Price

As we know, Nissan is one of the greatest and best car companies in the world. In America, there are many people who buy their products. There are many types and models of Nissan car. So, what car does belong to the best selling Nissan car 2016 in USA? Here are top 5 that you should know.

Nissan Qashqai

This is the most favorite Nissan car in America. There are many reasons why people love this car. The first is because of the practical. Besides that, it is also comfortable to ride. Then, this car is versatile for family car. It belongs to mid-size SUV that is very powerful. You can see its horsepower that can be up to 113 horsepower with 1.2 L petrol and 162 horsepower with 1.6 L petrol engine. However, most people like the diesel engine with 110 horsepower and 130 horsepower.

Nissan X-Trail

This is the next best selling option. There are many reasons why people this Nissan car. Firstly, the price is not too high considering the specs. Then, it also comes with a big inside. Then, it is also practical and offers commanding driving position. Nissan X-Trail comes in various models. The base model has the lowest price and it comes with 1.6 DiG Visia 5dr. the speed can reach from 0 to 62 mph for only 9.7 seconds. For the gas mileage, it offers 54 miles per gallon. Then, it is also very powerful with 165 horsepower. So, it is reasonable to belong to best selling Nissan car 2016 in America.

Nissan Rouge

Nissan Rouge becomes the next car that American people most like. Its design is very stylish whereas the interior feels very comfortable. You can also enjoy so many interesting features. Its fuel efficiency is very satisfying with 26 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on highways. Then, it is also very fast with only 8.9 seconds to reach 62 mph. The tops speed offered is up to 120 mph. In addition, it is also powerful with up to 172 horsepower.

Nissan Altima

This Nissan car comes with some engine types that can generate high performance. The highest power can be up to 273 horsepower. Then, it can reach up to 60 mph in only 6.1 seconds with 130 mph of the top speed. It is also very fuel efficient where it can run up to 28 miles per gallon in the city with busy and crowded roads and 40 miles per gallon on highways.

Nissan Sentra

This also belongs to best selling Nissan car 2016 in USA. It comes with 2 passenger seats and 4 doors. Then, the engines= offered is DOHC 16 valve and inline-4 with fuel injection. With that engine, this car is able to generate up to 132 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 130 pound feet of torque at 3600 rpm. The engine is transmitted with six-speed auto or manual transmissions. For the fuel economy, it offers 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on highways. For more best selling Nissan cars, see the table below:

Best Selling Nissan Cars 2016 in USA
NoCars2016 SalesNew Car PricesUsed Car Prices
1Nissan Qashqai33,83021,50115,000
2Nissan X-Trail30,70652,59640,200
3Nissan Rogue27,05123,82016,700
4Nissan Altima26,74522,50015,700
5Nissan Sentra24,84116,99010,000
6Nissan Sylphy24,61999,80070,550
7Nissan Versa19,73511,9907,100
8Nissan Silvia15,04020,00015,990
9Nissan Juke13,50020,25013,400
10Nissan Maxima9,65032,51024,000

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