Best Selling Kia Car 2016 in USA and Price

If you are looking for a new car, I suggest you to consider Kia cars. Kia is one of the most popular car companies. Their products are very popular in America. So, what is the best selling Kia car 2016 in USA? It is very interesting to know. Therefore, pay attention to the following list and review about that.

Kia Sportage

This car can be considered as the best selling option. It is very good at the gas mileage where it can run up to 22 miles per gallon in the busy city roads and 29 miles per gallon on highways. Besides that, it is also very powerful where it can generate up to 262 horsepower. This car comes in 3 different models. They are LX for the base model and SX for the top model. Another model offered is EX.

Kia Rio

The second best selling Kia car is Kia Rio. With affordable price, it offers high performance. It can generate up to 140 horsepower. Besides that, this car also offers up to 2732 pounds for the curb weight. Comes with 159” x 68” x 57” dimensions, it is very ideal for everyone. In addition, this car is also fuel efficient. In the city with busy roads, this car can run up to 28 miles per gallon whereas on highways this car offers up to 37 miles per gallon. If you are interested in it, you can choose either sedan or hatchback model. Anyway, Kia Rio is reasonable to belong to best selling Kia car 2016 in America.

Kia Sorento

This is the next most favorite option. This car comes with elegant design both interior and exterior. So, you will not be disappointed buying this car. This car is also very comfortable to drive. You can also enjoy many interesting features offered. Then, there are some models available so that you have to choose one of them. The base model is Kia Sorento L that is powered by a 2.4 L engine. Besides, you should also not be doubt of the performance because it can provide up to 292 horsepower.

Kia Pride

There are also many American people who love this Kia car. It comes with DOHC 16 valve and 4-inline machine that can provide high performance. Besides that, it also offers 1,399 CC of cylinder capacity. For the design, it is ideal with 5 seats. There are also many features that you can enjoy including standard, safety and entertainment features.

Kia Soul

Then, Kia Soul also becomes one of the most favorite options in America. With affordable price, it offers satisfying specs. For the gas mileage, it is very fuel efficient where it offers 25 miles per gallon in the city with busy and crowded roads whereas on highways it offers 32 miles per gallon. Powered by powerful engine, it can provide high performance with up to 165 horsepower. There are 4 different variants available for you. They are Base Manual, Base automatic, + (Plus) and! (Exclaim). If you want to know the top 10 best selling Kia car 2016 in USA, the table below can show you.

Best Selling Kia Cars 2016 in USA
NoCars2016 SalesNew Car PricesUsed Car Prices
1Kia Sportage38,32022,15019,900
2Kia Rio22,24814,16511,100
3Kia Sorento20,61025,10020,000
4Kia Pride20,05016,49013,460
5Kia Soul19,22915,90011,870
6Kia Cadenza18,34931,99027,800
7Kia Forte12,67816,49012.140
8Kia K9008,99049,00040,000
9Kia Niro7,70026,99521,500
10Kia Optima5,60022,14018,400

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