Best Selling Honda Car 2016 in USA and Price

Have you been looking for new car to buy? Whether it is brand new one or used one, it is always best to make some consideration before you really buy one. Since there are many kinds of car out there, you should decide certain category to pick one of all. Going by the brand, Honda cars would certainly make good choice to choose. Are you looking for 2016 models? If so, here we have some kinds of best selling Honda car 2016 in USA worth to set your eyes on. Let’s see them here below.

2016 Honda Civic

Surely, you have been familiar with this model from Honda. Why, of course. It is one of best-selling 2016 Honda cars after all. Due to its popularity, its name should have been known around the world. Coming as sedan type, this car makes perfect choice for compact, family car. Although you can’t expect baby seat because of its dimensions, the space in its interior is still designed smartly. Of course, all sorts of features are prepared in it as well, like backup camera, Bluetooth, cruise control, automatic climate control, lane-departure warning, etc.

2016 Honda Accord

The second Honda car we have this time is not less interesting than the first one above. As one of the best 2016 Honda cars in USA; this car is rated highly in its quality, reliability, and resale value. Well, why not? From its exterior for example, you get solid chrome bar grille and LED lightning. Meanwhile, in its interior, you get upgraded cabin made of premium materials and streamlined design. All of this is meant to realize stiffer body structure and comfortable ride. Also, this Honda car runs quieter than its previous models. It is nice one, indeed.

2016 Honda HR-V

This is other best selling Honda car 2016 in America that is very much worth to consider. Appearing as subcompact SUV, this car makes perfect family car too. What’s different is that it is roomier than sedan, of course. You will be satisfied about how comfortable it is to sit even on the second-row seating. You would be able to include more passengers or put more of your stuff in. From its design, you will also like how clean it can look, both from its interior and exterior. Also, the design used is strong and modern, making it certainly cooler to look at.

2016 Honda CR-V

This model we have here is another subcompact SUV to consider. It is considered one of the top-selling Honda cars 2016 because of its excellent use of space. It is what makes this car one of the roomiest small SUV available. Of course, various features are included in its design. They are backup camera, stability and traction control, airbags, automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, road-departure mitigation, LaneWatch camera system, etc. Truly, you can never doubt the capability of this Honda car here.

2016 Honda Pilot

If you are looking for more seats in car interior, this car would absolutely make nice choice to choose. Why? It is because this Honda car comes with 3-rows seating. With its interior seating design, Honda can maximize the seating capacity to eight. Of course, you will still get enough cargo room at the back of the third seating row. No wonder this car is considered as the best selling Honda car 2016 in America. Surely, you can bring your family, friends, team, group, etc. with this car. No more need to prepare double cars just to go together with them.

Best Selling Honda Car 2016 in USA

NoCar2016 SalesNew Car PricesUsed Car Prices
12016 Honda Civic Sedan$19,088$20,275$19,991
22016 Honda Accord Sedan$22,103$23,840$21,996
32016 Honda HR-V$22,719$23,115$19,995
42016 Honda CR-V$25,648$26,995$23,991
52016 Honda Pilot$39,087$42,270$33,895
62016 Honda Odyssey$36,166$39,100$32,069
72016 Honda CR-Z$20,984$21,780$18,999
82016 Honda Fit$19,116$19,435$15,889
92016 Honda Civic Coupe$20,407$21,685$19,885
102016 Honda Accord Coupe$23,688$25,560


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