Best Selling Ford Car 2016 in USA and Price

USA becomes a country with the highest consumers of car. One of the most favorite car brands in USA is Ford. Ford comes in various types and models. Which car is the most favorite there? This article will discuss best selling Ford car 2016 in USA. Here are some of them:

Ford F-Series

This is the most favorite Ford car in USA. It can be seen from the sales happen in 2016. To add the buyers, this car comes with some new improvements. For example, it applies 4 corner LEDs. Besides, it also offers preparation kit and rearview camera. Ford F-Series is well known with its performance. As a high end model, it uses 6.2 l flex fuel V8 engine that can generate up to 387 horsepower and also 407 pounds feet of torque. For the fuel efficiency, it offers 21 miles / gallon on open roads.

Ford Escape

This is the second best selling in USA. There are many reasons why people like this car. The performance becomes the first reason. Besides that, this car is also high fuel efficient. Then, there are also high tech and interesting features applied on this car. In addition, you can also enjoy the comfortable seating. Even more, it comes with satisfying cabin. That is why Ford Escape becomes best selling Ford car 2016 in America.

Ford Fusion

There are also many people in America who buy Ford Fusion. The new model comes with some changes. For example, it comes with various models. S model uses 2.5 l only, SE model uses 2.5 l, 2.0 l EcoBoost, or 1.5 l EcoBoost, and the last one is Titanium that is powered by 2.0 l EcoBoost only. The power is also very high with about 183 horsepower. Even more, the design is very stylish. The gas mileage is also satisfying with 26 mp in the city roads and 37 mpg on highways. Overall, it becomes a good choice for everyone.

Ford Explorer

For Explorer becomes the next best selling in USA. The new model comes with some improvements. For example, it offers new lift gate, new exhaust tips, new fascia, and new taillights. Besides, it also comes with redesigned fog lamps, fender, grille, headlamps, and hood. This car also applies 5 new wheel designs & 3 new colors. Then, it also offers unique exterior and interior. For the comfort, it offers Nirvana leather seats for the Platinum model.

Ford Focus

The fifth best selling is Ford Focus. There are many reasons why people love it. Firstly, it comes with balanced handling and ride. Besides that, it also offers quiet interior. Then, this car also applies many high tech and upscale options. However, the acceleration is not too satisfying. There are some changes offered on this new car. The first is new Sync 3 tech interface. Then, it also comes with 6 speed auto transmissions. Anyway, people who buy this are mostly satisfied. So, it is reasonable if Ford focus belongs to the best selling Ford car 2016 in USA. For the top 10 best selling, you can see the table below:

Best Selling Ford Cars 2016 in USA

NoCar2016 SalesNew Car PricesUsed Car Prices
1Ford F-Series395,224 27,00025,000
2Ford Escape155,37823,59020,000
3Ford Fusion146,83322,61019,800
4Ford Explorer129,10731,05029,700
5Ford Focus103,14416, 77514,650
6Ford Transit78,48023,01021,100
7Ford Fiesta35,00014,13011,000
8Ford Edge34,00028,95024,900
9Ford Ecosport33,00020,79016,960
10Ford Kuga32,50028,490


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